I was recently in the hospital this week for 2 days for some breathing issues. I am feeling better now and just waiting to get my energy to get back into my stampin cave and do my passion….making cards! My family and friends spoiled me this week as you can see with awesome cards and gifts to brighten my week!! THX to all of you!  I know there was alot of answered prayers to give wisdom and guidance to the hospital staff in order to get me better quickly!! I felt them all! As I continue to recovery and get strength back I still feel all your thoughts and prayers! Love you all
Stampin Darla

Flowers from my friend Meredith, Cards from my sis Nancy. she made this sparkly card to brighten my week! From gf Jackie making me awesome pink cards!
I missed out on a fun stampin tea this week and the girls made sure they sent this to me via phone to cheer me up!

My friend Joyce surprised me with a visit a the hospital and brought cute gifts for me that made my day!

Sis Sandy knows how much I love my butterflies and bright colors! My gf  Pat made me the cute punch art card!

My gf Harmonie brought this to me with more butterflies after I got home!

Forgot to post this giggle med bottle that Joyce also brougt me.  It giggles when you push it.  LOL

Special note from Jackie, Patty, Harmonie and Julie from the stampin tea party! I will be at the next one!