I love having several projects to work on at one time. I am getting so much better at being organized! This week I am going to posting some organization ideas that have helped me. My first one is after I have started prepping for a project I put all the supplies needed in a basket or container. I love 31 bags and I have many of them thru out my stampin cave! LOL!
This particular bag is holding a very special project as I am making wedding invitations for my sons wedding in December! Yes, I am going to be a Mother in Law! Anyways, with a big project like this one I have it all in one spot to quickly work on it as I have the time to. Right now its on my dining room table waiting for me. As I get finished with them the hardest for me is afterwards putting all the supplies back away and emptying the bag for the next project. 
Next topic tomorrow will be a quick organization tip on how I store my card stock scraps. I have a funny story to tell with that post with a conversation I had with my husband yesterday as he was helping me with the invitations.
Please feel free to leave a comment on how you organize on big projects! I am always looking on different ways to stay organized to get things done!
Until tomorrow have a great day! Hot here in AZ for sure!
Stampin Darla