Welcome back to day five of my long month challenge.

Grateful today for my supportive friends. My friends always know what to say to keep encouraging me with my business. I get the support from my friends that are not my customers too. When my friends come across someone looking to get into card making or memory keeping they send them my way. I love that and really appreciate that! I love sharing how fun it is!

Today was a good day at my networking meeting. Seeing and catching up with friends there.  Been a long time I was there last. Yesterdays blog post with the blog hop I shared a little about my brother and his short battle with cancer. I brought a card I had made for him at a networking meeting and everyone that was in attendance signed it and I mailed it out. When I went back for my brothers funeral my niece showed me the card. I opened it up and saw all the names again. Many other friends sent him cards too. I also saw those and that was a special time to read all your cards. I know he loved them all!

So, as you can tell card making is so much more than just stamping a card.

Come back tomorrow for my Friday weekly color challenge.