Thanks for coming back to Day 7 of my challenge. If you have missed any posts this past week I invite you to catch up what I have been posting for the last 7 days. Variety of topics and I hope you enjoy them all.

I used to do this type of post on Sundays but it has been a long time.
It goes with what I am grateful today. That is my faith! As I have shared this week about some losses in my family goes hand in hand with today’s thoughts. Without my faith loosing my dad and then loosing one of my brothers so soon after it would have made me bitter. I have always believed things happen for a reason. 

I turn to music a lot to help me get thru some hard times for myself or family and friends going thru something. This particular song has helped me personally so many times.  I remember singing it to my brother in February and it was such a special time for us that day. I was singing thru my tears. 

Thanks for stopping by today!