1000 Go For Greece Party

I am determined to earn Greece by the end of the month!

I have so many friends and family that have been my support thru this venture this past year.

Here are the details. Currently as of today I have 8 more spot open! I truly thank you for considering joining! 

Darla’s Go for Greece $1,000 Book Party Event

Wanted: 10 People to pass out a catalog and collect $100 each in sales

Simply show off the current catalogs and collect $100 in sales or place a personal order of at least $100 before tax & shipping

Turn in your orders & payments by Sept 25, 2018 to me

Or place Online using the Hostess Code RQHJ6Y7S  to qualify

Your name is placed in a drawing for the hostess benefits of this $1,000 party


9 participants will get to choose $18 in FREE SU items of their choice

1 participant will get to choose an item for 50% off

Participants will be put in a random drawing of the prizes.

** I will notify all participants of their prizes

Email me NOW to SIGN UP to be one of the 10 Participants –RSVP by September 12th

Call or email me to join this great offer!

Or Order Online with Hostess Code RQHJ647S

Only 10 People will be able to take part,

Contact me TODAY!