Haven’t we ALL had messes like this?  Mine is uncontrollable right now.
I have a bad habit of tossing them all in a pile knowing I will
come back and organize them.  YEAH RIGHT, who am I
kidding!  This pile has accumulated for way too long. 
So instead of digging thru this mess when I need a color,
 I just go to my full packs and grab another sheet.
 NOT the way I should be doing this!

TIP #1     I sort out my pieces, big to small

TIP #2     Next I cut up what I can for another card (like a 5 1/4 x 4 layer)

TIP #3     DON”T throw away those smaller pieces!  They are great for punching.

TIP #4  Sort by color ( I put similar colors in a stack…reds, blues, etc)


I tape a color coded circle punch to the front of the bins.
 I usually have 3 colors in a bin. Each color I put in a large baggie.
Now if I could only do this on a regular basis !!!